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All of our treatments are a journey towards tranquility and rejuvenation, steeped in ancient traditions with product formulated with your well-being in mind. Scalp care is crucial for maintaining overall hair health and promoting optimal growth. The scalp, often overlooked in beautyroutines, is the foundation from which our health emerges. Let’s explore the transformative paths you can embark on at ATANA:

Quick Yet Comprehensive: At ATANA Express

For those short on time but in need of deep nourishment, the ATANA thirty minute Express is a perfect choice. This compact session starts with a detailed scalp health assessment and cleansing, paving the way for a refreshing Aromatherapy and Sound Healing session. Experience a deep cleansing with our Herbal Head Wash & Massage, followed by a Deep Conditioning treatment. The session ends with a botanical rinse and a warm towel dry, capped off with a refreshing farewell beverage.

The Ultimate Wellness Journey: ATANA Signature

Embark on the sixty minute ATANA Signature journey, an all-encompassing experience focused on holistic well-being. Beginning with a thorough Scalp Examination and Cleansing, the session unfolds into a serene atmosphere created by Aromatherapy. An Herbal Head Wash and Massage revitalizes your senses, followed by a Cleansing Facial and a Hydration Sleeping Mask. The treatment is enriched with an Herbal Steam, deep conditioning, and a series of rinses to promote hair health. Concluding with a professional blow-dry, this service offers a complete wellness adventure.

Experience Ultimate Elegance: The ATANA Glory

Indulge in ATANA Glory for ninety minutes, our most luxurious service, where every detail is crafted for unparalleled pampering. This extensive session includes all the elements of our Signature service, enhanced with an Exclusive ATANA Elixir Custom Hair Mask. Tailored to your hair’s unique needs with fresh herbs and brewed teas, this mask ensures a personalized touch of luxury. The session promises a comprehensive, transformative experience, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and renewed.

Add-On Elixir Hair Mask

Elevate your experience with an Elixir Hair Mask, specially formulated following a detailed Scalp Insight. Our ATANA experts will create a bespoke mask from fresh herbs and brewed teas, addressing your specific scalp and hair concerns.

Add-On Shirodhara

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of Shirodhara, an ancient therapy that soothes the mind and body. Our Mitra Shirodhara system blends traditional techniques with a touch of luxury, using medicated oil to foster a deep sense of calm and well-being.

Hair Wellness Reimagined: ATANA's Scientifically-Infused Rituals

A Glimpse Beneath the Surface at ATANA, your journey to hair vitality begins with our Hair Analysis. Our expert hair therapists employ advanced diagnostic tools, like the Tricho-Analyzer, to scrutinize the scalp's landscape, identifying conditions such as dryness, excessive sebum, sensitive areas, and thinning zones. The analysis is meticulous, employing high-definition imagery to assess and diagnose with precision, ensuring that every strand and follicle is accounted for.

The Elixir Hair Mask: A Customized Alchemy

Following diagnosis, we present the ATANA Elixir Hair Mask — a potent, custom-blended concoction. Created from an array of nourishing ingredients, this mask is not just a product but a personalized potion addressing your unique scalp and hair issues. Whether it's purifying a dry, flaky scalp, rebalancing oil production, soothing irritation, or reviving hair growth, our Elixir hair masks are a testament to the harmonious union of ancient beauty rituals and modern science.


The Science Behind the Serenity

At ATANA we use a culmination of devices that seamlessly integrate into your treatment. We have multifaceted functions for holistic hair health, and our treatments deliver comprehensive care: